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Responsibilities of EHS 

Caring for the environment and employees are the first priority

Strict management system

Rundu Pharmaceutical establishes the strict EHS management system, and our management objective is safety production and clean production, standardized management of environment, safety and occupational health to prevent pollution, reduce pollution and improve efficiency, effective control risk and prevent accidents. 

Environmental outcomes

Rundu operated the own clean production from 2012 and was identified as “Guangdong Clean Production Enterprise”, also received the ISO14001:2004 Environmental Management System Certificate. Rundu introduces advanced sewage disposal technology, sewage treatment station and VOC waste gas treatment facility have been established, to ensure the “three wastes”(waste gas, waste water and waste residues) meet the requirements, and ensure the steady level of production.

The company is located in the famous tourist city of zhuhai, the production environment is beautiful, the environmental protection facilities is complete, we are a garden type factory. We are willing to cooperate with your new and old friends to create a better future with honest, trustworthy and high-quality products.